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International Brokerage

At EDR financials limited, we have created TrioMarkets to be a bespoke brokerage services company that is tailored to provide you the facilities to be a professional trader. The 3 pillars of Triomarkets in technology focuses on Reliability, Speed and Performance. All of which are backed up by state of the art software provided by Equinix, PrimeXM, Metaquotes Partnerships.

We provide a wide range of trading opportunities for our clients, in currency pairs, precious metals, commodities and indices, through utilising Contracts for Differences (CFD).

We offer traders an unparalleled cutting-edge tool, which is an extension to the MT4 trading platform. The MT4 Trio Xtend gives traders the unique opportunity to trade as professionals. It maximises control over your strategy, performance and speed.

Extensions from the normal MT4 software includes, innovated management tools, advanced trade execution facility, sentiment trading, sophisticated alarm system and simultaneous news and market data.

Our Virtual Private Servers (VPS) located in London (UK), in the Equinix LD4 datacentre which is the best possible place regarding forex execution in Europe, provides the highest level of security regarding your data. Collocated to the major liquidity providers, exchanges and interbank dealing servers, our VPS clients can achieve the lowest possible distance latency.